Buy/Sell Bitcoin

Each of these services will allow you to purchase Bitcoins with a debit/credit card or make cash deposits at a major local bank and quickly receive your Bitcoins within a couple hours:

Turning your Bitcoins into dollars might prove to be a slightly more daunting task because you must link your bank account to these services in most cases.

If you would like your Bitcoins immediately converted to dollars at the point of receipt, take a look at’s PayMe card service. You’ll receive an SMS message with each receipt, Bitcoins will be converted to dollars, and all your receipts received during each day will be ACH transferred to your bank account. A very convenient service for only 2.69% processing fee.

If you have Bitcoin and need to purchase something from a merchant that does accept Bitcoin, tell a friend about your experience with Bitcoin and offer to pay them Bitcoins if they purchase what you need. Within seconds they can have a SmartPhone wallet installed and have received your Bitcoins before their tab at the cashier is paid. This also works well for bar and dinner tabs and makes for great conversation.

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