Prepare Your Bitcoin Address

Once you have a Bitcoin address, copy it to your clipboard and open in your browser. Paste in your Bitcoin address and type in your reddit username in the “Desired Short Name” field.

Write down your new short address for future reference.

It is vitally important that you understand the vulnerabilities of using any service like this. Please learn a little bit about MITM before extended use of short Bitcoin URLs.

Alternative address shortening services:

Shortening Service Description FirstBits relies on a well known and established protocol for identifying the first unique bits of your Bitcoin address. Because of this, it is almost invulnerable to a MITM attack. Unfortunately, it requires some Bitcoins spent to your address before it can work. If you’d like to use this method from the start, here is a quick tutorial. A well trusted shortening service, run by Because this service may stop in the fututure, it is recommended you ultimately use FirstBits instead.

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